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False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Luscious Lashes to Die For – What’s Better Eyelash Extensions or False Eyelashes?

Short, straight eyelashes…something no girl wants.  We all desire long, curly, full, dark lashes, but sadly it’s often the boys who are blessed with eyelashes to die for.

If you weren’t born with the luscious lashes you desire, you can go for either false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, but which one is right for you?

False Eyelashes

  • Can be easily applied in the comfort of your own home
  • Are quick to transform your whole face, taking around 10 minutes to put on
  • Are Reusable if cared for, so won’t break the bank
  • Different length false eyelashes are available
  • You can choose false eyelashes of different volumes
  • There are many different shades of black false eyelashes available to suit your existing lashes
  • False eyelashes come with a variety of different curves
  • You can trim the false eyelashes to suit your preferred look
  • To keep up with current trends, you can choose false eyelashes with more volume on the outer corner of your eye
  • Can color your world…many color choices to choose from
  • Are quick and easy to remove
  • If used according to directions, cause no damage to your natural eyelashes
  • Can be applied with various types of eyelash glue in different colors
  • Different false eyelashes accentuate your makeup in different ways, for example making eye makeup look smokier
  • Can be worn with mascara to ensure your eyelashes blend with the false eyelashes for a more natural look

Eyelash Extensions

  • Need to be applied in a salon
  • Take about two hours to apply – for a full set
  • Eyelash extensions need to be touched up if you want to maintain them – that means attending the salon every three to four weeks
  • Touch ups on your eyelash extensions take around one hour to complete
  • Are quite a bit more expensive than false eyelashes
  • Need to be taken off professionally, or you need to let them fall out
  • Eyelash extensions can cause damage to your natural eyelashes if you don’t care for them properly, or they’re applied incorrectly
  • Eyelash extensions limit the type of mascara you can use as certain types can damage and shorten the life of them, dissolving the bonding agent
  • If you have eyelash extension you need to be careful of the face cleansers and moisturizes you use, or anything which may come in contact with your eyes, such as hand creams, as oil based products can ruin your eyelash extensions
  • You need to be careful rubbing your eyes when you have eyelash extensions as they may fall out and damage your natural lashes
  • During the cure period (24 hours) you need to avoid crying or any other types of moisture as your false eyelashes may not bond properly – so no fighting with your boyfriends girls
  • Eyelash Extensions can look very natural, depending on the type of extension you choose

There are pros and cons to both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, both will give you those long, dark, luscious lashes that you’ve been dreaming of, however, for quality luxury lashes try Alumbra! Are you ready to be the envy amongst your friends? Head over to the page to check them out by clicking here.