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Alumbra (Spanish):Light
"May our lashes serve to be the light in your darkness and the rays in your brightness"
The Alumbra brand was created out of love in the hopes to empower both Men and Women. 
We truly believe that it is the little things that help make a difference in our daily lives. 
We hope our lashes give you that extra burst of confidence to help you conquer life's challenges.
Alumbra offers you the highest quality eyelashes and tools which are 100% cruelty free. All our lashes are beautifully handcrafted and made from premium materials.
Be part of our movement to spread the light! Snap a selfie wearing your lashes and show us how you display your Soluna product with the hashtag #iamsoluna to be featured on our social platforms. Every month we will reward the best photo with a surprise voucher!

We appreciate and value your feedback, if you love Alumbra Lashes please let us know!

with love,

My stance on ethically sourced lashes
(A little back story)

All our products are 100% cruelty free and vegan! 
I say this with pride as I have done the due diligence when it comes to sourcing the very best materials for our lashes. Whilst mink and other animal fibres look and feel beautiful, there are simply no guarantees that the animals are being unharmed when collecting their beautiful hair.

Alumbra Lashes will always be an honest company and we respect and love our furry friends too much to go against them. After much research and communication with countless suppliers; none could actually verify the conditions the animals were kept in so I made the ethical decision to not use any animal fibres across our product ranges.

I instead went above and beyond to source beautiful synthetic silk hair that not only looks great but feels amazing too! I did not want to compromise on quality in the slightest; the hair we use is durable and strength tested so we know they'll last and give our customers great value for money. Our lashes are assembled on a flexible clear band which makes for a seamless finish and an easy application.

Thank you for supporting my dream!

From a young age I had always loved the beauty world. From watching countless youtube makeup tutorials in my room at night, to going out and getting glammed up, I've always loved the way makeup has made me look and feel. It's not about hiding behind a mask, it's about expressing yourself and highlighting your best features. I think that's what drew me in to the world of falsies. If something as simple as lashes could help me feel amazing and confident in my own skin then why not wear them?! Alumbra is more than just a beauty product. It's about empowerment, confidence and feeling like your best self. Our society today has become so fixated on how we look as opposed to how we want to feel. I wanted to create something that made a difference in someone's beauty routine; a product that not only looks beautiful from the outside but a product that also makes you feel amazing. There's no right or wrong in makeup; the more diverse the better! At the end of the day if my lashes make you smile, then guess what? I'm smiling too!