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Soluna Day to Night Luxury False Eyelashes Set

$39.95 $79.90 saving $39.95
Soluna Day to Night Luxury False Eyelashes Set

Soluna Day to Night Luxury False Eyelashes Set

$39.95 $79.90 saving $39.95


Soluna is the epitome of style and sophistication. Alumbra Lashes brings you  exquisite day to night luxury false eyelashes housed in a gorgeous
 double-sided keepsake box that is embossed with elegant, ornate flowers.

Here at Alumbra, we can’t think of anything more romantic than wearing falsies that are not only voluminous and beautiful but also give you an air of mystery wherever you go.
With our lashes, you’ll be veiled with a certain allure and sophistication and ready to take on the world in style!

Lash Kit Contains:

2x Handcrafted 3D Silk Eyelashes with Clear Band

1x Rose Gold Tweezer Applicator

Set of Instructions

Collectible Gift Box

  Please note glue is not included, purchase here:

Premium Craftsmanship
It’s not easy to handcraft false lashes and make them look natural, but by using top-class, exquisite craftsmanship and the finest materials, we’ve done just that.
We refused to compromise and use mink—we just love our fluffy friends too much.
Our lashes are so soft and natural looking that no-one will even know you’re wearing falsies; they’ll just think you were born with lashes that touch the heavens!
Soluna—Day to Night
It’s easy to transform your look from day to night with our versatile lashes. Dance the night away in our voluminous, dramatic night lashes, and look quietly confident and enigmatic in our more practical and subtle day lashes.
If you’re new to wearing false lashes, no worries! Our gorgeous rose gold tweezers make application a breeze.
One side is dark blue like the night sky and holds your night lashes, while the day lashes side is a peachy pink like the most beautiful sunrise imaginable.
Product Dimensions:
6.85 inches x 6.4 inches x 2 inches

Customer Reviews

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The most AMAZING Vegan Lash Set EVER!

The Soluna lash set is just amazing, I have not seen such pretty and unique packaging before. The quality of both the box and the lashes is awesome. I like that the lashes are so light and fluffy, it looks like I'm wearing lash extensions because the clear band blends so well.
It's not a cheap product but honestly I really think it's worth the price!
You get 2 lashes which can be worn over and over again plus the beautiful applicator and box. I've worn my day lashes 3 times and everyone has commented on how nice and natural they look, they didn't even realise I had strip lashes on! I would love to be able to purchase the lashes separately as well in the future so I can re-fill my box.